Frequently Asked Questions

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How SocialStore works?

As SocialStore, we’re providing social media services in a legal way.

Why do I need to buy followers, like or etc?

We’re living in a social world so everyone tries to take attention in every way. To take attention or selling your products, you need social media services. We are your best supporter on it. We help you to get attention you deserved. We help you to increase your sales!

Buying followers or likes is legal?

Of course. Buying followers or likes for any kind of social media is legal. You can think that it is a digital marketing strategy.

How can I pay?

We use Coinbase and PayPal as a payment method in our website. You can pay BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, USD Coin.

Do I need to give my password to you?

Never. We do not ask your password because we do not need your password. To process your order, your photo URL or username is enough for us. Please, do not give your password to anyone or any services.

Can my social media account be banned?

No way. While you’re ordering on for any kind of social media services, we only ask for your username. We never ask your password! You just give us your username then we complete the order, thats easy. Our developed system protect your account. Your account cannot be banned, make sure about it. In otherwise, we can just send followers, likes to anyone.